Painting & Coatings

National Certified QP-1, QP-2, QP-8 & QS-1 Painting, High Performance Painting, Specialty Coatings, Tank Linings, Intumescent & Cementitious Fireproofing, Waterproofing, Shop Coatings, Abrasive & Sand Blasting, Boiler Blasting, Lead Abatement, Primary & Secondary Containment

Power Generation

Outages, Capital Projects & Maintenance – Equipment Erection & Installation, Aftermarket, Alterations & Repairs – Cogeneration, CHP, Combined Cycle & Simple Cycle – ACC’s, HRSG’s, SCR’s, Ducts, Stacks & Tanks, Harp Section, Coil Packs, Headers, Tubes, Burners, Drums, Kettle Boilers, Casing, Liners, SCR / CO Systems, BOP, Piping, Process Piping & Piping Spools, Valves, Non Return Valves & Control Valves, Stack Dampers, Silences, Shrouds, Exhaust Bypass, Steam Sparging Systems, ASME Code Work, Emergency Outages

Refining & Petrochemical

Plant Wide Turnarounds & Revamps, FCCU Turnarounds & Revamps, Heater Erection & Revamps, Process Unit Turnarounds, Hydrogen Plant Construction, Mechanical & Exchangers Services, Refractory Services, Boiler & Furnaces, Specialty Welding, Process Piping, ASME Code Work, Emergency Outages


New Above Ground Field Erected API 620/650 Storage Tanks, API 653 Tank Repair & Maintenance, Cone Roof, Dome & Structure Replacements, Floating Roof Installations, Repairs & Seals, Secondary Containment Tank Bottoms, Emergency Response 

Tank Inspection & Consulting

API 650/653 Consulting, In-service API 653 Tank Inspection, Out of Service API 653 Inspection, STI/SPCC Inspection, Magnetic Flux Leakage Floor Scan, API 653 Post Repair Inspection, Floating Roof Seal Gap Inspection, NDT Examination VT, UT, MT, PT, VA, Corrosion Evaluations, Survey/Settlement Analysis 


Heater Coils (All Alloys) Pressure Vessels, Riser Lines, Strippers, Cyclones, Stacks, Refractory Services, Vibration Casting, Transfer Lines, J-Bends, Reactors, Regenerators, Carbon Steel & Alloy Piping, Tube Supports, ASME Code Certified Shop, Emergency Response


Design & Supply new Direct Fired Heaters, Engineering Performance Studies, Process Heater Field Construction Installation, Modifications of Existing Process Heaters, Combustion Air Preheat & SCR Systems, Heater Parts & Piping-Supply & Fabricate, Dedicated Staff in Developing and Managing Turnkey Projects, Emergency Response  

Scaffolding & Insulation

Scaffolding, Scaffolding Design, Cup Lock Materials, Insulation, Steam Tracing

Wildcat Industrial Solutions

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